Slingshot 2 Automated Roulette Wheel launched

Cammegh launches Slingshot 2 automated roulette wheel

The patented Cammegh Slingshot 2 is the most authentic, accurate and reliable automatic roulette wheel available anywhere in the world. The elegant and simplistic design of the Slingshot 2 combines random rotor and ball speed at launch with Cammegh’s unique ARC (Active Rotor Control) system which after ‘no more bets’, imperceptibly changes the rotor to a new random speed.

The ball is launched by being blown out of the pocket by a puff of air, it is then met by a random blast of air from discreet air jets mounted in the ball track. The ‘no more bets’ signal and winning number are recognised securely by three discreet In-Rim laser sensors. During the game cycle the ball remains in view at all times, reassuring players and upholding the integrity of the wheel.

Roulette Wheel Features

- GLI approval for single and double zero wheels
- Random rotor speed & direction
- Random ball speed & direction
- Optional wheel analysis
- ARC (Active Rotor Control)
- Configurable game settings
- Optional manual ‘push button’ start
- Multiple security features
- Very low maintenance
- Maintenance free for life bearings
- Machine finished for incomparable accuracy
- Capable of over 100 games per hour
- 24 hour non-stop operation
- Wheel illuminated by integrally mounted LED’s
- Optional ‘carbon fibre’ or ‘wood veneer’ finish

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