Roulette a short history

Roulette has been around in one form or another since the 18th century, and has evolved from being played in bars and traditional casinos to online roulette on your PC, or even mobile casino games. One of the earliest references to the game is in a record of regulations for French Quebec dating back to 1758. The first form of the game was devised in France, and was a fusion of several English wheel games, and the Italian board games known as Hoca and Biribi. The first roulette wheels did not have any 0s on them – the first zero was added by a pair of Frenchmen in 1842 – seeking to increase the advantage of the house, then in the 19th century, when the game headed to the USA, a second zero ‘00′ was added to the wheel to give the house a bigger advantage.

Roulette is often called the ‘King of Casino Games’, and one legend says that Francois Blanc – one of the first to establish casinos in Monte Carlo, bargained with the devil to learn the secrets of roulette. This legend comes from the interesting fact that the numbers on a standard roulette wheel (1 - 36) add up to ‘The Number of The Beast’, or, 666.
In the 18th century, Prince Charles of Monaco introduced the game to his kingdom in the hopes that it would help the economy. The game back then was rather different to the game as we see it today, which evolved in the 19th century, and started to become popular during the Gold Rush in California.

The popularity of the online casino means that many people now prefer to play online roulette rather than head to a traditional casino, but there are still many who enjoy playing roulette at a traditional casino – perhaps to try to replicate some of the more famous big wins.

Some people, including the Eudaemons group from the University of California Santa Cruz, and Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, managed to study specific roulette wheels and predict which numbers come up most often – in doing so they were able to achieve a long term profit at their chosen casinos, although in both cases their success came to an end – the Eudaemons disbanded when the insulation on the device they were using to study the tables failed, injuring one of the members. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo was taken to court when the casino caught on to his system, although the court ruled in his favor.

Today, we have the choice of playing online roulette at various casinos, and there are a couple of variations of roulette which are still popular – the main difference between the different kinds is the number of zeros on the wheel.